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Soar High Workshops

On-stage & virtual

Workshops to help you take ownership of your

mindset, purpose and performance.

Christine Bogers

Tap Into Your Potential and
Overcome Any Obstacle Standing
Between You and What You Truly

No matter how many times you’ve gone back, you can safely move forward and permanently leave an abusive relationship.

neXt   New Empowerment X Transition and recycle.


J.K. Rowling once said, "Rock bottom was the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life." and you can too no matter what anyone has lead you to believe.

So true are these words I hired coaches and trained in all areas of self-development, My panic attracts stops and I really grew to know who I am before the abuse happened,  I vowed to myself that I would never ever allow anyone in my life again that was abusive even if they were friends and family., I chose me first.

Bit by bit I took my life back and I now have an innate confidence of I just do not listen to anyone who is abusive in any way or form,  My life beams back at me fully and all because I choose me over the abuse.

I tell you that never ever underestimate the power of self love with freedom to be all you are and were born to be, it is like a glowing shower inside of you everyday.

Every abusive word a partner friend or family member will bounce off you like a tennis ball being bounced back at them. you are now the strength of the tennis racket  and nothing will phase you ever again.





I made all family, friends and ex husband absent from my life for good, I now find it easy to remove anyone who is abusive and judgemental words that hold no weight.

I knew all the time it was wrong, I was not meant-to be with him I felt I was destine for more than a life of abuse, put down and carrying the blame for his choices to abuse me., my eyes opened up wide and I saw the light,  Over the years, I made so many compromises. and I decided my life was not going to end with a life of living in an abuse relationship without having self worth and self identity, I wanted more. and I wanted way more for my children and I know you do too.

A few months before I took the plunge and left , my whole life had changed and my vision had too.  Not seeing him in my future gave me a big sense of self worth and peace.  With time i know you will too.

Invest in your dreams, invest in you,  Invest energy into your life your way and breath life into you. Doing this took my self-assuredness to a new level, and I was able to confront the reality of what he had been doing to me. and how his family shifted the blame onto me., yet deep down I would often say to myself, hang on I am not him , I do not think, walk or talk like him, I do not make the choices he dose, s to make, and I am not him, so I am not responsible for the abuse he chose to place on me.

Your abuser does now what he is doing, they choose the behavior and they can choose not to abuser, but refuse to.  You can choose you and live the life you choose free from abuse.


Forward Focus

You will learn the art of being in

Master Balance  for forward focus

  • Mind Balance as your daily system..

  • How to wake each day and create mindset for success.

  • Why Grounding is important..

  • Present Tense in the now choices. .

  • Why Breath work is very important.

  • Mediation to silence your mind, so your true choices come forth.



Tides of change.

Christine will show you the abuse pattern cycle and how to

  • Understanding abuse and the effects is has on you.

  • Addressing patterns of abuse.

  • Developing a framework for change.

  • Catching your own Critic


+ More

Landscape with lake

Know your Why.

The secret to achieving more of what matters in your professional and personal life is at the intersection of your Why and Now! In Your Why Matters Now, Christine will show you how to:

  • Discover Your True Why and apply it to your personal life.

  • Bring meaning to your life, no matter what kind of life you have lived or are living.



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