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Thank you for your Interest in my Strategic Partnership

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I don't believe in offering Gold Bronze and Silver.. What I believe in is, working in with your sales m and marketing needs, plus target reach.

s an idea only for now, what ever you seek I am sure we can create.

  • Introduction presentation by someone from your business

  • Logo on live event stack slides, workbooks.  and journal.s being given to attendees..

  • Logo on pre-event emails, website and registration page.

  • Full mention of sponsor from myself before and after workshops

  • Invitation for a sales team from your work to do a presentation ( showcasing your brand) 

  • Include sponsor in the private and open groups for all engagement activity (Daily)

  • Data base of attendees.

  • You ask it I will see if I can accommodate your needs.

  • Connecting my Audience with your business.

  • Release Sponsor Branded article leading up to Workshop Webinar.

  • Offer a "Virtual Trade Show Booth"  via a separate webinar where sales rep can walk interested attendees a walk through your products.

  • Email Survey to my audience on behalf of you the sponsors brand.

I will work in with you to suit your needs and requirements, these are a basis and not set in concrete.

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20% - $25k

45% - $35k

15% - $50k

10% - $75k -$100K

10% + $100k

Less than 18 -10%

25-34 - 20%

45-54 - 30%

Over 65 - 3%

18-25 - 10%

35-44 - 20%

55-64 - 7%

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Dubai City View


Who is My target audience?
High and Upper middle-class workers, lawyers, Doctors, business owners, who use their mobile phones Samsung, iPhone for all Social Media and work requirements.

Fathers Upper middle-class Mothers who have a good income with home-based businesses. Other transformational speakers, Musicians, CEO’s, Corporate workers on middle to high income brackets,

People willing to walk through changes for a better them.

What action do we want them to take?
Purchase entry for the workshops…Creating your new generated leads…Webinars, workshops purchases for online… workshops sales at the end of speaking speech… Gain valuable feedback… Get people enthusiastic to talk about your brand from front entry interactive screens.

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How will I measure success?
Tracking Social Media Activity, Attendee Feedback and Surveys, Keep a track of check-ins, Easy Tracking with Event App, Live polls and quizzes analytics & actual attendees who attend.

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  • Can I help you connect to your target audience? thereby helping you reach your sales and marketing goals?

  • Can I help deliver your specific brand experiences directly to the audience who attend the Soar High Workshops?

  • I have a large, growing audience. “The riches are in the Niches.”

  • Activation time: Can I help convince the audiences to purchase from you?

  • Are we a fit to help you produce your goals?

  • Everything I do is custom, tell us more about your Sales and Marketing goals

  • Marketing and visibility customized to fit the marketing goals of your company the way you want it done.


I am not asking for sponsorship because I do not know what you want to spend your sponsorship dollars on, a five-minute phone call or Skype meeting will give me more insight into what you spend your sponsorship dollars on and to see if we are a match?




One of the biggest industries in the world, is Self-improvements, Health and Wellness, and Personal Growth.

In America alone in the Personal Development Industry the statics are $9.9 Billion.


MM Sponsorship

Everything we do is custom, tell us more about your Sales and Marketing goals.

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6 things every human has a need for.

1. Certainty – This is the need for stability, safety, security and comfort. If people don’t have certainty, they will have a hard time focusing on anything else.

2. Uncertainty/Variety – If there is too much certainty, life becomes boring as everything is predictable. People have a need for excitement, adventure and challenges.

3. Significance – People have a need to feel valued, unique, important, special or needed.

4. Connection/Love – People want to feel connected to someone or something. Communities of like-minded people or a strong mission can attract people to a cause or group.

5. Growth – People have a need to expand themselves through learning and mastery of a skill or knowledge.

6. Contribution – Having a purpose gives people strength and enables them to feel empowered and valued. Especially when their contribution to something or somebody has an impact

Screenshot 2022-09-22 at 18-02-49 19 Webinar Statistics & Benchmarks 2022 Stats Data.png
Screenshot 2022-09-22 at 18-03-39 19 Webinar Statistics & Benchmarks 2022 Stats Data.png


I Am Also Seeking Sponsors For The Brisbane Live Workshop Next Mid Year 2024

This is to be taken throughout USA, Australia and New Zealand for fast impact on lives who have lived with abuse and are seeking change

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