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Soar High Magazine is created with you in mind. Guiding you back to you as your home. Discounted courses & mini workshops within, plus journaling help for personal growth, Articles to help remind you that you are enough now + MORE 

What you learned in life that does not sit right for you,, you can Unlearn you are this powerful


Articles are written by coaches, counselors , self made multi millionaire business owners guiding you to be all you are and were born to be,.

Workshops you can attend online at an affordable discounted price. + MORE, way More

Write an Article For The Soar High Magazine

Designed & created  by Christine Bogers

What We as Humans Learned Can Be UN-learned, You Are This Powerful!
  • Soar High Magazine

Today Is Your Chance To Help Impact Lives Worldwide. Write an Article Based Upon Your Niche That You Coach On and or a life that changed due to any form of abuse. Be In Any Of the Next 12 Months Soar High Magazines

December 2023 Soar High Magazine

Self-help to self-love articles written with you in mind, to aid in your personal growth . Some articles will be in once and some are to continue on to keep you on track to the new you,  Worksheets for you to complete and Journal at the end to keep you on track until the next months  journal is there for you following month ahead.  +More

Healing Ourselves,  Healing The Planet.

Gabrielle Castrejon

Helping Impact Lives Free From Abuse Off All Kinds.  It is Time to say YES to LIFE!
  • Soar High Magazine


if your business is online and wish to advertise within the monthly magazine, then download the PDF to the right and get in touch. You can be anywhere in the world, because this is an online magazine only and will have a reach worldwide. 2024 we are hoping to have them printed off physically and placed in stores also.

Send us what you are offering, with images and we will do the rest.

Images 300 DPI

All pricing costs are within the PDF, DOWNLOAD NOW >>>>>

We look forward to you being a part of impacting lives globally.

Designed by Christine Bogers



Magazine covers designed by Christine Bogers

Online Businesses Advertise in our Magazine, Contact Us Now!
  • Soar High Magazine

 Win the price of your full ADVERTISING COSTS

"Unlock the power of global exposure! Secure your spot in the prestigious Soar High Magazine by paying in full, and you'll automatically be entered into a draw to reclaim your investment. Imagine enjoying an entire year of advertising for the cost of just one month! With a readership spanning over 11,000 + worldwide, this is your ticket to unparalleled visibility.

Say 'yes' to this exclusive opportunity and watch your business soar to new heights!"


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$62.50  a month.

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Advertise your Course and Workshops within the back of the Soar High Magazine. Your advertisement stays in the Soar High Magazines for a whole year . however all magazines will stay online for purchasing for ever, so your advertisement is really for a lifetime.


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If you are a coach who wishes to advertise within the middle content of the SH Magazine with a full page \then this is the deal for you.

Advertise your books, your workshops, full price. or anything you want the world to know.

Added: copy, images , links full contact details


For Coaches

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Requirements for all ads.

Images need to be 300- 600 DPI no less


Discount offers.

Contact details

Social Media Links

Website details.

We create and design your ads in the Soar High Magazine, all you need to do is send all requirements to us once you have registered & paid, then we will be in contact within 3 working days.

Leave it all up to us.

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