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Unlocking the Power of Your Mind: Bruce Lipton's Guide on Consciousness and Success.

In a world dominated by conformity and the ordinary, there exist individuals who recognize that the widely held beliefs about reality are not absolute truths; rather, they are like monkeys trapped in a cage, following a scripted existence. They don't question or seek deeper truths; they simply adhere to their routine of waking up, going to work, returning home, and struggling to survive, all without a hint of curiosity, seemingly living in a state of numbness. I've chosen not to engage with people like this, and the reason is simple: I've never felt at home in this way of life. It's never resonated with me, and it never will.

Instead, I admire individuals like Dr. Bruce Lipton, who live in a world where they've realized the true nature of our existence. They understand that we are more than what society has conditioned us to believe. We possess a power far greater than what we've been led to perceive. I also hold the belief that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, encapsulated in these physical bodies.

Mainstream society has a way of categorizing those who reject the notion of living a programmed and conventional life as individuals with mental issues or broken spirits. Personally, I have never subscribed to this idea of being "broken." I often used to ask, "What part of this divine creation is broken?" When I look at my body and existence in the present moment, everything appears whole and complete.

I have consistently chosen not to conform to the mainstream medical health system because I believe that it's the system itself that is flawed. It seems designed to condition the masses, molding them into obedient and docile individuals, akin to a herd of sheep following the factory-line routine day in and day out. It's this control and uniformity that I've always found troubling, rather than those who resist it.

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