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Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Don't let negative, toxic people rent space in your head. RAISE the RENT and kick them out.

Are you letting the outside world control you? I know I don't, why? because I am the unique me, I am a gift to the world like everyone and i do not live my life based upon what others think I should be or what their perception of what they think I am, is. Only I know me, and if I don't work for some then too bad I work for me, I was created this way and I refuse to change to suit your narrative because you live in fear of stepping off the factory line of controlled thinking.

Living in Christchurch has been a blessing in disguise, even with all the negative people I have met, for they taught me what is wrong with this dysfunctional world of turmoil. I said a wee while ago I won't surround myself with such people, it is my right to think like this, I prefer to be around driven positive people, not the go nowhere people who must abuse others, these kinds of people are not my tribe and never will be. When I look back on my time here in Christchurch, I smile and say to myself, wow I never thought I could do it, but i did, I overcame all the people who tried to bring me down.

So don't let negative people live rent-free in your head, just say my No mean No and kick them out, raise your rent so high that they cannot afford to stay rent-free in your head. See the key to my happiness is to stay the hell away from assholes, yes, it is as simple as that, I won't apologize to anyone for me living my life my way with my god given choices.

You must remove negative people from your life fast, you don't want them in your bubble and know their negativity has nothing to do with you at all, but watch what they say and how they email you because it is the light showing you who they are, transferred onto you as though it is you when it is not. if you cut out this kind of people from your life, it does not mean you hate them it means you have self-respect for yourself first, this is what matters first and foremost.

Now remember this, some people will better your life by being in it, while others will be better by staying out. You can't IMPROVE YOUR LIFE IF YOU ARE SURROUNDED BY NEGATIVE ENERGY THAT ONLY BRINGS YOU DOWN, and this is why I got rid of my now ex-flatmate she was so negative and prevented me from achieving what I had been working on for a year now. Her dysfunctional stories were way more important than my study, my Soar High Workshop I am developing. She would talk for hours and interrupt me when I was working and this made me so mad because no matter what I said, her life was more important than mine, so I kicked her out for my sanity with the support from my landlord so I could continue to study and develop what I have been working on for a year.

Her thinking is totally out of order, but I broke the chains free from her toxic thinking and have caught up on everything in 7 days since she left and that was five weeks to catch up on. I am back to my freedom to be me and achieve what I am working on.

You are allowed to terminate toxic relationships, You are allowed to walk away from people who hurt you. You are allowed to be angry and selfish and unforgiving, You don't owe anyone an explanation for taking care of yourself first and living your life your way. Remember no one has the right to tell you how to live your life, this is your life and you must live it your way without anyone's permission.

I respect myself before anyone else, I walk away from people instantly who are toxic and I won't put up with toxic people either, online or offline, I prefer to call out their negative abusive behavior for what it is because normal healthy people do not go around hurting others in any way or form it just does not even come into their thinking. So I say fire their asses for good and surround yourself with positive people who lift and support, people who are driven towards their success and will support you in your success, People who love fear and failing, because we fail fast and forward and we face our fears head-on, we walk to them through them and from them for success on the other side of fear, and surround yourself people who don't care what others think.

If you find yourself around energy sappers and negative people just fire this kind of negative people for good, it is your right and it is my right to choose whom I have in my life and whom I refuse to be around.

RESPECT YOURSELF ENOUGH to walk away from ANYTHING OR ANYONE that no longer serves you, grows you or makes YOU HAPPY.

I am in no way a quitter, but sometimes the game isn't worth playing no more. I choose me over anyone because I refuse to be around people who leave my soul heavy, I choose to leave Christchurch behind and the negative people who have gone out of their way to ruin my creations by actually ringing people who were involved with the falsehoods of spreading non-factual lies about me. I refuse to be around negative people, I prefer to be on my own than around negative abusive small-minded shallow thinking people and Christchurch seems to be full of them, this town and people are not my tribes and that is OK by me.

Australia is not dead for me and I am so looking forward to moving back to be surrounded by people and my true friends who have known me for years, opposed to people who have only known me for five weeks and have decided they know everything about me when they do not. Would you trust someone who has known a person for five weeks? or a person who has known someone for 30 years? I know I would trust the people who have known a person for 30 years because these people know everything about that person inside and out.

Be true to who you are and kick out negative people from your life for good without anyone approval, this is your life and you must live it to the full surrounded by positive driven supporting people with the same mindset, fire the rest because they become a weight of prevention for forwarding movement and growth in your life.

I am grateful for the experiences they give me material for my workshops and my books to help others gain strength in their lives free from this kind of negative people.

You don't have to be perfect in your life like these negative people say you should, you just need to get working towards your success. If you fail, well congratulations, because most don't try therefore their failures never give them growth in their comfort zone on the groove on the record they have chosen to live on. Remember FEAR is "False Evidence Appearing Real" and FAIL is nothing more than "First Attempt IN Learning"

I have these nut cases saying my website is shit and then others saying spelling mistake, yep at least I am doing rather than wasting my time judging others, I don't have time for that in my life, i am too busy working towards my success and I say like all the greats say, thank god for editors they are our blessing to learn from our enlightened growth in actually writing a book rather than spending a lifetime judging and abusing others who dear to write a book, who dear just get creating towards their success.

I will remain Soaring High in my life, my way, without anyone's permission whatsoever, all the negative people will be fired instantly while I smile in knowing you think you have won while you watch me win and never give up whatsoever. I am good with myself and who I am and I do not need anyone's opinion on who I should be.


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