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"Unlock Your Potential: Let Me Lead You in Overcoming Limiting Thoughts and Creating Change, Embracing an Abundant Life Fulfilled with Your Deepest Desires."


"Christine was my guiding light post-abuse, empowering me to own my mindset. Grateful for her support during my darkest times."

- Jane Davidson




Leap Workshop

There was a time when I found myself trapped in the suffocating grip of an abusive relationship. As I walked away from the wreckage of that chapter in my life, I thought the hardest part was over. Little did I know, I was still carrying the heaviest burden of all - the weight of shame and blame that my ex-husband had placed upon me.

We have a tendency to internalize the hurtful words and actions of others, especially those we once trusted. For years, I carried the weight of my ex-husband's abuse, believing his accusations that I was to blame. Every day felt like a battle against the relentless onslaught of negative thoughts, dragging me deeper into a pit of self-doubt and despair.

Have you ever had a time when you felt suffocated by the weight of someone else's expectations? When you carried the burden of blame for things that were beyond your control? When you struggled to break free from the cycle of self-doubt and negative thoughts?

If so, you're not alone. Many of us have experienced the crushing weight of shame and blame, leaving us feeling trapped and powerless. But it doesn't have to be this way. You have the power to break free from the chains of your past and step into a brighter, more empowered future.


"Discover empowerment and renew your mindset. Learn to recognize, understand, and overcome negative feelings, shedding past trauma to embrace a brighter, abuse-free future. Step into your true self, free from the patterns that once held you back."


Master Your Life Again



Where you GO is determined by how you GROW.

Attending the Leap Workshop as a VIP virtually ensures an exceptional experience, maximizing the benefits of this transformative event from the comfort of your own space. Gain exclusive access to extended Q&A sessions, bonus materials, and intimate networking opportunities with fellow VIP attendees online. Enjoy premium perks such as priority access to exclusive digital content, and personalized support, making your workshop journey even more enriching and memorable. Elevate your online experience, forge valuable connections, and unlock your full potential with the VIP package at the Leap Workshop.


Reclaiming Your Authenticity

Let's center our journey on gratitude and growth, paving the path for healthier, wealthier, and more fulfilling lives post-abuse. Whether it's reigniting your self-relationship or uncovering your true identity, Christine's Leap Workshop reignites that inner flame. It bridges the gap between your current reality and your desired future, propelling you towards a life of purpose and passion.

Is Christine's Leap workshop for you?
Let Christine Know if this sounds like you?

if You Answered YES to any of these, then this two day free challenge is exactly what you are looking for.

Are you ready to make the LEAP into the New Empowered YOU?

With Christine strategies she developed for herself she knows these will help you bring about positive lasting change in yourself.

You have been away for a year free from abuse and wish to step up to the next level in your life.

You want to gain way more skills to make positive change in your life.

You are now a single parent and wish to set a real example in your children's lives.

You want to  learn how to stop the chatter in your head.

You have a real goal in your life and wish to make it happen.

Looking for a resilient mindset to remain in end results of your goals?






Unlock Exclusive Resources or Materials

A step by step workbook with a Self-Reflection and Assessment:,  goal setting and checklist for daily progress. 

Opportunity to write a chapter

Opportunity to write a chapter in the books called "Building Beyond the Cage" Write your voice now for free!


One hour of Q&A after workshop with real answers from Christine's experiences of living and leaving abuse.

Soar High Magazine

Six months of the Soar High Magazine straight to your email, with insightful growth and health articles, Mini workshop each month for personal growth. Exclusive discounted courses.

Your destiny is shaped not by your circumstances, but by the choices you make.
Leap VIP mastermind FB group

A VIP Mastermind group where participants, community can continue to connect, collaborate, and support each other beyond the Leap Workshop.

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