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Christine created the recipe for this MooFizz  quite a few years ago in NZ, everyone loved it.

Dates are all documented recipes  etc, are all signed off by a JP.

Christine also designed up the bottle and graphics,  old milk bottle shape. The colored bottles will represent the flavors. only Christine has the recipe that works..


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Christine designed a bra on the 16th March 2000 after suffering massive headaches and back problems due to large breast.  She called it UpliftHer. It has been designed to keep the spine in alignment thereby keeping the hips in correct posture, it lifts the breast to making them weightless. All bras do not support correctly and they place weight on the back, hips and shoulders which creates headaches, shoulder strap indents, bad back and poor posture + More.These are the issues woman suffer due to large breasts..

All I think of bras are like a t-shirt being worn, because that is all they are, Christine's bra design, is different it supports, lifts and keep the spine in alignment to aid in real support. It is like a skin to wear, therefore very comfortable to wear compared to the bras all women cannot wait to get off.

Christine bra is so different it might take a while for woman to get use to this unique bra design.

Christine's bra is like you have had a breast reduction, but at a more affordable price so it will serve many woman worldwide. .

Add designs and dates are recorded and verified from a Justice of the peace.

Only Christine has this design & recipe for the Moofizz she created and it is no where to be seen in the world..


After being ripped off for deposits paid for events, and well within contractual claw back returns, Christine came up with the idea that there must be a better way to secure deposits so they are not spent.

Christine is in the mist of building this business so as to make darn sure no one is ripped off like she was.

Seeking backers for this business which will be a worldwide business online, Contact Christine here

Christine's Creations

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