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Teardrops on my Wings

Living with abuse and the effects it has on your whole persona.

What you learned you can UN-learn.

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Broken Winged Flight

Left abuse and learning to live and walk again your way with broken wings

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Flight within your Light

Loving yourself and seeing the light of the abuse you endured  to gain flight within your own light

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Love without Judgements

Loving yourself fully,  never allowing any abuse in your life again.

Be your own dream when you close your eyes.

There is no human being who looks like any other human being on this earth, yes even twins, why? Because you are a divine creation. When you close your eyes, you are your own universe. There is no person who could become anything other than who they are.. The human system is created by the omnipotent creator..

People who abuse you, whether online or off, do it because they don't like, love themselves. All they are doing is showing how they feel about themselves by using you as a tool..

Imagine yourself being the only person in the world you want to be when you close your eyes. Be your own inspiration when you close your eyes.

The four books I wrote tells my story partly and shows you how you can remove yourself instantly from sad abusive people. Just love and like yourself without judgements, and never allow anyone into your mind with their self-loathing hate for themselves, because it is about them and it is not you who they claim.


The Power of breaking free.  A guide for gaining success in your life your way.




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