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You can recognize survivors of abuse by their courage. When silence is so very inviting, they step forward and share their truth so others know they aren't alone.



- Jeanne McElvaney  -

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Building Beyond the Cage

Please help share the Fundraiser around we are going to need all the money we can get to make this possible, I have placed $5,000 towards the project costs and I am sure we are going to need way more than the amount stated of $10.000






“In order to write about life first you must live it.”

– Ernest Hemingway

How this is to play out?
I have decided to have one main name for the books, "Building Beyond the Cage" and with different sub-titles for different subjects. E.g., Surviving Narcissistic abuse, Surviving Domestic violence, etc.

Will I be compensated for writing my story?

Yes, you will, if your story is in one book then after all expenses for the book you are in, "marketing, printing, graphic design for the cover, Editors, etc.” then with the remainder profits you all will share equally in the book’s revenue profits.

Can I use the real names of my abuser?

No, I advise you to protect yourself and keep all real names out of your chapter. Abusers and their family members love to live in denial.

What is the deadline for my chapter to be completed?

 It was the 30th June 2023 New Zealand time zone,  Register below now if you are a Male or Female who wants to write their voice.




  1. No time frame 2023. I will make sure this happens, because Rome is not built in a day.

  2. No hate is to be written towards your abuser, they actually are living in their broken world that they were raised in, which is what you lived with him or her. Yes, we all know that abuse is a choice and it does not make it right, however we need to help be a part of the change in a positive way, rising above the storm and love all of our fellow humans.

  3. No names of abusers are to be mentioned, full stop.

  4. Write your story you lived, how you felt and how you got yourself out and built beyond the cage of abuse.

  5. Full the form in below.

I have decided their is no deadline, because this is a harder task than first thought, so no time frame until I have enough authors writing their voice.

You don't need to be great to start. You just need to start and become great.

Soar High Today

INFORMATION                     T&C

Is there a deadline for form submissions?

yes, however I can push it through until the right people come along and actually do what they say, otherwise the date is 30th June 2023  for now.

What formats are the books to be in?

They will be in an e-book, Psychical books to purchase and later all authors will be asked to record reading their chapter so we can offer audio.

What platforms will the books be sold on?

We intend to have on all platforms, Amazon, E bay, Penguin in shops worldwide.

Are you doing a fundraiser to help with expenses?

Yes, we have one set up and we ask all Authors to help with sharing constantly.

I have placed $5000 towards this creation. This is if I was earning money, it is based upon my hours I put into this work to make it all possible for authors, not actual money but the hours I do to make it possible. daily. So the authors are getting my work for free to the value of $5000.

Do you have editors?

I am working in with five editors at present to see if they are the best fit for this.

Do you have a marketing company?

Yes, I have one lined up to do all the marketing and digital marketing

Will the books have the same title?
Yes all Twelve Books will have the same Head-title but with different sub-titles. Each cover will have different color backgrounds but with the same design. This is for the books to get known and remembered fast for high impact Worldwide.

How many words?

Up to 5000 words only

What text do i use?

Plain text

What order are the books to be presented?

Each person is writing a chapter for the individual books, and they will be presented with one chapter Male and then Female, back to back in all books associated with the abuse they lived and left.

“There are far too many silent sufferers. Not because they don’t yearn to reach out, but because they’ve tried and found no one who cares.”

Richelle E. Goodrich

Most victims of abuse stay silent for many reasons, below are some of them.

  • Normalization

  • Minimization

  • Shame

  • Fear

  • Isolation, Betrayal, and Lack of Support

Victims try everywhere and got no real support, yet they get loads of judgements which shifts the blame onto the victims, I was no different, This kind of dysfunctions tend to allow victims to carry the blame from an abuser, this is going to change if it is my last dying breath. I will be the start of making the much needed changes for victims, yes all victims not just women.  This is why Building Beyond the Cage is being developed at present from people worldwide. I need men to step up and write their voice too.

I say blow what societies fears on men not being abused,, shame little boys grow into men and are treated this way, that is abuse on it's own.

lets unite together and change that narrative for our future boys who become men.  I know the men who suffer in silent do not wish this in their boys futures.

Building Beyond the Cage is being created to help break the silence on abuse from real-life victims, yes both male and females who are writing their voice.


The aim is to help as many people worldwide fast tracked to understand they are not isolated and do not need to feel shame, because no human being,, be it male or female, goes out of their way to date an abuser,, abusers just know how to manipulate and hide their true being.


Building Beyond the Cage will be a series of twelve books. They will have the same cover but in contrasting brilliant colors, with different sub-titles. Each chapter in each of the books are to be back to back, one Male chapter then following with a Female chapter, right to the end of the books. there is no more segregation when it comes to abuse of anykind

Abused Boys become Men and learn not to speak up due to the sick narrative of society saying they are not abused, this is abuse on its own. If you think that men and boys are not abused then you are enabling the abusers and that is abuse also.

Abuse of any kind, has no age, wealth, religion or sex, it is a human sickness that needs to change.

Step up and write your voice to help give all children hope for their adult futures.

"Building Beyond the Cage"


Jackets Book Covers designed By Christine Bogers


How to write your story, Download the PDF HERE >>>

How to write your story , Building Beyond the Cage

Here is an excellent page for writing your story with all the information needed


Hi, I received your email and I am working on my chapter contribution. Thank you for giving us survivors this platform to share our stories so that others will have hope that they can get out of their toxic situations too! This is a wonderful work you are doing. I will do my part in spreading the word. 


Much gratitude,

Sharmon J

Thank you! Christine.

I love everything about this. Telling your story is very empowering and healing, I learnt this is a part of the healing process, hence my podcast mission is to also allow others to tell their story.

I love the idea of the different colored jackets for each volume.

I look forward to helping promote the books and perhaps having others who have written their chapter, share the story on my podcast too, if they so wish.

I also love that your inviting men to share their story, because their story matters too!

What a wonderful journey your taking on.

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