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We cannot teach you anything; we can only help you discover it from

within yourself

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"Success begins with Breakthroughs, I'm here to inspire

you and equip you to make them happen"

Soar High Workshop

Develop your Wings

"Embrace your 'why' and start living your authentic purpose, without needing approval from anyone else. Begin your empowered journey today!"

neXt Switch Code Workshop

"Experience neXt: Empowerment X Transition – Your Code to Transform., revolutionize your approach to challenges, fostering resilience for a stronger you."


Forward Focus Workshop

"Ready to cultivate unwavering focus? Join us and learn how to embrace your doubts while persistently chasing your ultimate goals, just like you've already conquered them. Take action now!"

"At the core of my methodology lies a focus on accentuating the positives and consistently fostering their development. This cultivates a mindset of advancement, wherein every minor achievement is acknowledged daily, fostering an environment of gradual but constant success."

Where you GO is determined by how you GROW.

"To foster the expansion of your life, relationships, career, or business, your initial focus should be on personal growth. Beyond mere instructions to reach your aspirations, what truly propels you towards the life you envision is a personalized plan for self-development."

"Ready to take the first step towards unlocking your full potential? Join us at the Soar High Workshops, where we provide a transformative journey tailored to help you flourish in every aspect of your life. Our workshops are designed to equip you with practical tools and strategies, enabling you to cultivate personal and professional growth like never before. Don't just dream about the life you desire – make it a reality with the guidance and support of Christine all the way. Elevate your life's trajectory today by enrolling in the Soar High Workshops and embark on a remarkable voyage of self-discovery and achievement."



Close the gap on where you are now and where really you want to be.

"Are you prepared to nurture unwavering focus? Join us and discover the art of embracing uncertainties while resolutely pursuing your ultimate objectives, as if you've already triumphed over them. Step forward and seize the opportunity today!"

"Through a combination of coaching and insights from positive psychology research, I guide you towards increased happiness, improved well-being, and enhanced resilience."

"Unlock a happier, healthier, and more resilient you through a powerful blend of coaching and positive psychology research.

Take the first step toward your transformation today!"
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The sunglasses metaphorically symbolizes rejecting attempts to alter your thoughts, actions, or existence as dictated by others.

People who perpetrate abuse can only extend love and acceptance based on their own self-worth. The mistreatment you endure reveals their nature, not your own.

"Christine's journey was marked by enduring various forms of abuse. Eventually, she reached a turning point where her realization of the inherent wrongness propelled her towards delving into the realm of human psychology and the quantum nature of our beings. This exploration led her to the profound concept that our minds can be reformulated, liberating us from the scripted cycle of abuse. Choosing herself was a pivotal moment, even though her oppressors labeled it as selfishness.

The imperative to eradicate abuse becomes paramount for humanity to drive the essential transformations our world needs.

Keep in mind: When judgment and mockery come your way, it's often a reflection of their own discontent and unhappiness, not a true reflection of your worth."


Christine is a mission driven woman helping people up and out of abuse of all kinds.

Your identity remains untouched by the opinions others hold of you. Their abusive words bear no weight in your self-perception, for you are a unique individual distinct from their judgments.

Christine's purpose is to empower those who have endured any form of abuse to reclaim their power independently. This path allows you to shine radiantly in your own light, casting aside the need for anyone's approval.

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